The Best Affiliate Program

The best affiliate programs must be easy to convert, with big and recurring commissions and able to solve real problems. Must have a free trial which gives clients a taste of the product before they decide, and must not cost anything to join

1. High Affiliate Commissions

The number reason we in business is to make profit and lots of it. With 40% commission on its products, most of them with a cart value of over $2000, you in for big paydays. With these big commissions you dont have to sell lots of products. A few conversions will make you lots of money

2. Recurring Commissions

It does take a lot o effort to aquire customers in these competitive days. you need to have subscription products that pays recurring revenue. cClickfunnels is a monthly paid subscription product, that means you receive commissions for life as long as the client is paying

3. Sticky Cookie

They have a sticky cookie, that means any customers who buys through your link you get paid and whatever product thet get to buy afterwards its credited to you. Clickfunnels continues to upsells your leads other products and you get paid for any purchases they do

4. Free Trial

When a client is unsure about a product, they may want to try it before they commit to buying. when you have a great product peolpe get t realise how good it is they will continue beyond the trial. Customers do not want to take risks before they know how a product nperforms

Clickfunnels free Trial

5. High Converting Funnel

The funnel is broken down into pieces that progress into each other, i.e, when you purchase the first piece and use it, you will realise that you need the second piece to grow your knowledge or progress to the next level. What gives value is the amount of information given in each piece. the client realises the value they have received and they are eager to get more of your product.

6. Free Front End Products

Clickfunnels gives you the option to promote free books as a lead magnet to get potentila clients into the funnel. This helpsnin warming up cold traffic. people who are not familiar with Clickfunnels are introduced without taking any risk and gradually made aware of the benefits of clickfunnels and driven to make decision by follow up emails upselling them on higher offers. Some of the lead magnets are

7. Free Training

You are not going to wonder or fumble around trying to figure out how to make the program successful. Full training is provided for you to hit the ground running. Its a comprehensive course with 12 modules that will give you everything you need to succeed.

affiliate bootcamp

8. Dream Car Giveaway

Nothing motivates an affiliate more great incetives. When you reach 100 clients who are paying monthly for clickfunnels, you will be given $500 montly towards your dream car. If you reach 200 monthly paying customers, you will be given $1000 towards your dream car. Its a free car on top of all the commissions you are getting

Join The Clickfunnels Affiliate Program

We have taken the liberty to assemble a system you can use to promote Clickfunnels, It has all the tools you need to start and succeed as a clickfunnels affiliate


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