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Solo Ads: How To Grow Your Email List Free

Buying solo ads gives you access to fast, targeted traffic you can use to pound your website and build your list all day long. It’s scalable so you can start small with less than fifty dollars to buy a hundred clicks or so and — when you find something that works — you scale and start to buy clicks in their thousands..

solo ad is a one time email blast you buy from a vendor that has created a “list” of people they have collected in a related niche

Logic Behind Solo Ads

If you could spend $1 and make $2 back — how many dollars would you spend? Everything you could get your hands on I bet.

That’s the best thing about Solo Advertising. For every dollar you spend you can know exactly how much you will make in return. This is classic, direct response marketing because you can you test, track and monitor everything which means you can maximise your efficiency, your spending and your profitability. You can track how many people clicked on the link in your Solo Ad.

You can track what percentage joined your list and how many buy your products. You can put a dollar value on how much every visitor to your website costs and — more importantly — how much every visitor to your website is worth.

Imagine this: You spend $65 buying 100 clicks. Now you know that every visitor to your website (that’s the number of people who click on the link inside your email advert) costs you $0.65. If half those people join your list (50 people) then every new subscriber has cost you $1.30.

If 5% of those new subscribers buy a product after they joined your list, and you get $27 affiliate commission then you make $67.50.

Ok so you spent $65 and you made $67.50 back. Now making a profit of $2.70 might not sound very sexy but you’ve covered your advertising costs and you’ve added 50 new people to your list. People you can continue to email and sell to until they unsubscribe from your newsletter.

You have built your list for free without wasting weeks and months trying free traffic sources that probably won’t work

Now it’s time to scale. Instead of buying 100 clicks why not buy 1000 from the same list owner? Then it’s time to move on and test 100 clicks which another list and do the same thing over and over, and over again. Can you see why marketers love Solo Ads?

This is exactly what offline, direct response marketers have been doing for years. They rent lists of names and addresses, testing them with small samples (say 1000) before scaling and sending out tens of thousands. The most successful mailings were in the millions and ran for years.

Now you get Solo Ads and know a little about their potential we need to talk about Sales Funnels. This is your money extracting machine.

Critical Factors For solo Ads

  • List
  • Offer
  • Copy
  • Design


It’s an absolute must and no matter how good you offer is. No matter what an amazing bargain it might be and how helpful it is – if you pick the wrong list – game over. Pick the right list and you have a chance. Even if you email a terrible offer with bad copy and terrible design – you have a chance if you pick the right list. It could work. So the first thing you must do is think about the kind of person who would subscribe to your offer and be interested in your offer.


The second most important factor is your offer. In the internet marketing world most Solo Ad providers will only link to a free offer in the ad they send to their list. If you want to link to a paid offer in your email then you need to speak to the Solo Ad provider. They may allow it or they may have a different pricing structure.  If you link to a sales page you only have one chance to make the sale.

If you build your list you have multiple chances to make the sale. You can market to that subscriber as on long as their alive and still subscribed to your list.

A free gift is important for people to subscribe to the list. Everyone loves quick and easy so anything that makes life quicker and easier is usually a good start. And the offer is a no-brainer. It is an offer they can’t refuse. It is so unusual they just have to join the list to find out more and satisfy their curiosity.

Now on the other side — when people have joined your list — you will start presenting them with paid offers. The same principles will apply. Make these offers a no-brainer where the value is off the chart.


Your copy is the words in your emails. it’s the way you communicate with your subscribers. The key to writing profit pulling copy is – quite simply – knowing your subscriber inside out. Then selling with emotion and backing that up with logic The best definition I’ve heard for copywriting is salesmanship in print. It’s job is to turn traffic into subscribers or sales.

Funnel scripts, will do the copy writing for you without putting much effort

Sales Funnel

This is the system you set up to convert new leads into subscribers. It’s the system that turns new subscribers into cash-money. CLICKFUNNELS will handle all your sales funnels


As a marketer your ultimate goal should always be to build a database of people you can continue to sell to in the future. That includes providing value. Lots of value and creating a relationship. You want to become your lists trusted adviser and go- to guy or girl. That’s a very profitable and genuine way to think.

If you’ve heard of the Pareto Principle (the 80:20 rule) then you’ll know that 80% of your profits come from 20% of your work. In this case 80% of your profits come from 20% of your list. These are the people who pay your bills so look after and thank them for that.

Your front-end offer is to cover the cost of your advertising spend. The money you make selling your offer should come close to (or pay) for the Solo Ad. This means you are building your list (that database) for free. Most of the time. This is the reality of the business. Don’t get greedy and push too hard right now. Build your list and build it fast

Follow up relentlessly

With your database growing it’s time to follow-up relentlessly. Stay in contact, forge relationships and sell bigger and better things.

All your subscribers are likely to be very different.

And they’ll likely respond differently to different product offers.

As you get to know your list you’ll start to find out what they read and don’t read. What they buy and what they don’t buy. You’ll even get feedback. Good and bad.

That’s a good thing because it lets you know more about the thoughts and feelings of your list. Their goals, their aspirations, their fears and their failures. It means you can help them and provide more relevant offers they’re likely to buy. How often and how aggressive you follow-up is a test. Base it on results. Track your open rates. Track your click-thru rates and – most importantly – track your sales. People vote with their wallets. This is the most important metric to watch

Booking Your Solo Ad

Follow the clear step-by-step details. find out: If you can mail free or paid offers (usually free offers only) If you are paying for unique or raw clicks How long it takes before your email is sent (and the traffic is sent) How many clicks you can expect

If you need to supply the email content, if they write their own email or if you supply the email swipe and they have permission to adapt it to suit their list How frequently they add new subscribers (fresh) to their list How they have built their list and (rarely mentioned) if it includes buyers If there will be other URLs in the email (it’s a Solo Ad so there shouldn’t be any other links to distract the reader)

What kind of offer is likely to work best (and generate the most interest) If you can’t find these out then you’ll be able to get their email address or Skype ID and ask them. This is all important information they should be able to give you

Remember: usually Solo Ad providers will guarantee the number of clicks you will receive. They do not guarantee opt-ins or sales because that’s down to you. Consequently there is usually NO REFUND so always start with a test and small purchase when choosing a new vendor.

Scaling And Growing

When you’ve got this far…

When you’ve tested small Solo Ad purchases. Tweaked your system. Re-tested and started to turn those paid-for-leads into money in the bank… it’s time to scale your empire and grown your business. And as someone trying to teach you what to do that makes it hard for me. Because now you have become an expert in your own right.

You’ll know what is and what isn’t working in your market and for your niche. From looking at what offers convert best and reading the feedback from your subscribers you’ll know more about them than anyone else. You’ll have found your own voice and created your own community.

From here on everything you do is based on the results of what is and isn’t working. And that could change in 6 weeks, 6 months, 6 years or never. You’ll also realize that no one can really teach you exactly what to do. It’s different for everyone. You take a business model and then you take it in your direction and make it work for you!

So while I can’t tell you exactly what to do once you’ve made your Solo Advertising work I can give you some ideas on where to take your business. More, Bigger and Better Solo Ads

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