Performance Based Marketing( Complete Guide)

It is a marketing model that gets you paid when a client performs an specific action. These actions include but not limited to:

  • Email/Zip submits
  • Subscriptions
  • Downloads
  • App Installs
  • Free Trial
  • Filling Out a Form
  • Game Playing

What is performance Marketing

Many marketing models are based on a concept of cost per impression. This is cost per 1000 views. whether action is taken or not it does not matter you pay. Your return on ad spend will depend on how many people actually follow through from clicking to conversion.

With performance marketing companies only pay for results. As an affiliate marketer you get paid commission for the predetermined action performed. Consequently, CPA marketing is the most lucrative form of marketing simply because you don’t actually have to sell anything to get paid.

Lets look at the pricing models used in Marketing

  • CPM- Cost per Mille, cost per 1000 ad views
  • CPC- cost per click
  • CPL- cost per lead
  • CPA- cost per action
  • CPV- cost per view, pertains ti video adverts

CPL is the most common word used in performance marketing. You get paid commission for every valid lead you provide. it might be in the form of email submit or app install.

How Do I Run CPA Campaigns?

Sign up With a Reputable CPA Network

We not going to spend time listing all the available networks, if you not familiar with CPA networks start wit PEERFLY or MAXBOUNTY

complete your application and once approved an affiliate manager will be assigned to you to get you started. 

Ask your manager to give you a list of high converting offers in terms of volume and earnings per click. in other words offers that are already performing well.

Choose Your Offers

From the list that you get from your affiliate manager, choose the offers that are appealing to you. The criteria you use to choose are:

  • What is the action required for the client to take for you to get paid? e.g email/zip code submits are very easy to convert because they don’t require the prospective customer to fill in lots of details
  • What traffic is allowed for that offer. Judge by the restrictions if you able to run effective campaign with the traffic at your disposal
  • Check the sales page or landing page if it looks professional. chances are, if you think its crap, clients will think the same too

Create High Converting Landing Pages

Conversions normally happens at the landing page level. If you fail to convince a customer at the landing page you have lost a paying client. Therefore it is important to be able build high converting websites. The best tool to build landing pages even if you are a newbie with technical skills is CLICKFUNNELS. Its a drop and drag software that allows you to build any funnel you like. It also comes with ready made templates that you can use and customize

Traffic Source

When you have put everything in place, its time to run traffic to your offers to start making commissions. If you are new to affiliate marketing it is advised to start with paid advertising as you will start earn right away. We have put together tested and tried sources that will give you a good ROI. 

#1 Traffic is solo Ads

This is when a marketer rents someone’s email list to market their offers. You will need to find a list in the same niche as you. Solo ads will also help you build your own email list. The best place to buy Solo Ads Is UDIMI   

#2 Traffic is Facebook Ads

For you are an expert marketer you are aware that Facebook is the most powerful advertising tool for affiliates because of its precise targeting ability. For beginners, the tutorial is outside the scope of the post. Check out Marketing Secrets for complete Training in marketing and advertising

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