Digital Business Plan

Any successful business must comprise of 5 steps to be able to grow and thrive. These are a at the core of any successfil business

  • Attraction
  • Automation
  • Acquisition
  • Communication
  • Monetisation

1. Attraction

It is the process of attracting people and bringing them into your brand’s ecosystem. There are three things that will help you draw people into your system

Front End Offers

These are designed to get your prospective clients to make a risk-free commitment to you and give you an opportunity to provide them with value and prove your worth. Offering free giveaways provides a risk-free way for people to engage with your business and explore your services. Once you prove your value and that you can be trusted, then you can present offers that costs money to the customer


After a free giveaway this the next step in qualifying your audience by making a small non-risk financial commitment. This will further show you which customers will become paying customers, not only who want free things

Backend Offers

This is where you make your profit and allow your business to profit and scale. After you have inspired trust in your audience, you can now offer a product much higher in cost and value

2. Automation

It’s now mandatory in today’s business environment to automate your business processes. Its more efficient and it allows yourself to focus on other revenue-generating aspects of your business. Think about how you can construct a logical journey from your free offer to your backend offer. It has to make sense for your customer to keep moving from one offer to the next.

Tools For Automation

Sales funnel process

Funnels. They allow you to construct a logical journey from your free offer to your entry offer and ultimately your premium offer. It has to make sense for your customer to keep moving from one offer to the next. CLICKFUNNELS is a tool that allows you to automate the funnels building process.

Autoresponder.  When you offer free giveaways, the goal is to collect customers information so you can begin the process of converting them into paying customers. Autorespnder gives you the ability to collect emails and send automated emails offering value, building relationship with the customer and ultimately offering high end products to your email list. AWEBER is an excellent tool

Tracker.  To know how many people are completing your stated goal i.e giving you their email address, making purchase, etc, you need to be tracking your clicks and also be able to understand the metrics. You can use conversion rates to optimize every single piece of your funnel.

3. Acquisition

The process of turning visitors into paying customers. You have to make a concentrated effoert to build an audience and convert them into paying customers

Free Traffic

To bring traffic to your website without spending any money. The cost of getting “free” traffic is your time. You can generate massive amounts of traffic to your website vis SEO, social media, and other tactics, but its a long process and will not happen overnight.

Investment Traffic

This will bring immediate, controllable traffic to your website or business. Its the single fastest way to grow your business.

Facebook Ads

Facebook has become one of the most effective ways to advertise your business because of its targeting capabilities. A compehesive and indepth explanation is outside the scope of this article. Facebook Academy Webinar will give you more understanding of this method

Solo Ads

They are people who have built a large email list over a period of time and they rent their list to businesses and individuals to advertise their products. You pay for a number clicks to your email offer. Ths form of advertising is highly targeted because these email lists are niche related. The biggest and most reliable Solo ads platform is UDIMI. You can join for free and buy clicks to your offer

Native Ads & Banner Ads

It has become increasingly difficult to find genuine advertising platforms that offer real value to advertisers. When you pay for advertising your goal is a high ROI. You need your offers to be presented to high quality and targeted audience. There is no better platform than Bidvertiser

4. Communication

The purpose of communication is to form a relationship with your audience. They are different ways to keep communication with your customers.

Email & Chatbots

Email remains the best way to form a strong relationship with your customer. Autoresponders allows you to send automated sequence of emails to your custmer lists.

Chatbots are a super easy way to automate your communication to get in front of even more people

Social media

Keep your audince engaged on social media, updating them on whats happening with your business. It is an easy way to make yourself accessible to people, to give them a glimpse as to whats going on with your business, and to get your message in front of them at THEIR convenience.

5. Monetization

There are three strategies of monetization

Loss leader

This is when a company takes a loss inorder to aquire a customer. The lifetime value of the customer is high enough to justify the initial loss. You have to be able to analyse the numbers and determine whether taking the loss is worth it.


When your front end offer is able to offset the ad spend and you breakeven to acquire a customer so you able to upsell them on other offers to then make a profit

Lifetime value

The lifetime value of your customer is how much they are worth to your business over the course of their life. If you’re able to calculate the lifetime value of your customers, you then know exactly how much you can spend on ads to acquire a customer. once you know that, you can outbid your competitors because you know how much value a customer will bring to your company over a much longer period of time.

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