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How To Build an Affiliate Marketing Business

Affiliate marketing is selling other people’s products and you get paid a commission. You don’t have to own any products, your main job is drive traffic to the products and get paid when you get sales. If you are a beginner i would like to venture into such a business, i have outlined the steps that would help you start.

1. Research

This where many people fail before they even start. they see an article or a video about how easy it is to start an online business and without proper research and preparation they jump into it and the results are always tragic. If you start with the right foundation you increase the chances of becoming a top earner in the affiliate marketing business.

So what areas do we need to research?

1.What is my niche?

A niche is a focused area that is particularly suitable for you. It is a market aimed at a particular demographics and something you can provide value to the customers. You have to understand your chose niche. Use you passions, past experience to narrow down.

Here Is My Top 3 List Of Profitable Niches

  • Dating and Relationships
  • Make Money Online
  • Fitness And health

There are tones of niches out there and you just have to find what is the right fit for you.

2.What Type Of Marketer Are You?

How you plan to drive traffic to your products determines what type of marketer you are. Are you going to write content and provide value to your readers and then monetize that traffic? Then you are a blogger doing content marketing.

Content Marketing

You require certain skill sets to be able to succeed as a content marketer. SEO is an indispensable skill you must have. being able to write content that ranks on google is not an overnight fit. Good command of English and ability to write what readers can understand and appreciate. You also need to be consistent in your writing and publishing. A topic that you know and are able to provide value is the key.

Free traffic

To start and grow a business using free traffic requires you to be highly skilled. Most of the available channels for free traffic do not convert to real sales. the major disadvantage of free traffic is you cannot scale your business as it presents limitations.

Here are favourite Sources of free traffic

  1. YouTube Videos- It takes a lot of effort to grow a YouTube channel to then be able to monetize it. A few who are able to do that have seen significant profits
  2. Instagram- It also requires you to grow your channel to influencer status

Paid Advertising

This is by the best method to grow and scale your business quickly. Whilst the methods outlined above are all effective, they however require a lot of time to built and establish. Paid advertising you can see results immediately as long as you have chosen a product that converts and you targeting the right audience.

Here Is A List Of My Favourite Sources Of Paid Traffic

  • Facebook Ads
  • Twitter Ads
  • Native Ads

These are affordable and provides good ROI. We will expand further on traffic sources in coming articles

Now you have an idea of what niche you going to pursue what how you going to drive traffic, its time to narrow down and pick products to market. If you are like me you probably picked the making money online niche and paid advertising as your traffic source. Whatever you picked, just be committed to make it work.

3. What Affiliate Network To Join

With many options out there, its hard to choose and know the genuine platforms to join. I will list the most popular ones here

  • Clickbank
  • Maxbounty
  • Jvzoo
  • Warrior Plus
  • Peerfly

The one i use is Clickbank. Clickbank does not allow bogus programs on its platform and you know you providing value to your clients when you sell Clickbank products. It is worth your while to look them up.

2.Get Training

To avoid being overwhelmed by information on the internet, you need to be focused get training from people who have actually succeeded in affiliate marketing. They are many bogus claims out there and people want to make money by making unsubstantiated claims. I recommend you take Funnel University training. Its taught by people who have already made millions in the industry and they what they are doing. A lot of six figure earners have come out of their training program.

Good Luck!

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